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Meet the Team at Pop's Shop 

Tom Puskar (a.k.a Pops) is the craftsman behind the products we sell.  Pops has been doing woodworking for over forty years and has handcrafted large furniture items such as dressers, desks, china closets, cribs and much, much more.  Weather permitting, look for us in our "throw back" tie-dyed T-shirts.

As needs for large items were reduced, he turned (no pun intended!) to woodturning instead and created a line of pens, pencils, letter openers and related desk accessories.   Soon the offerings were expanded to include vases, bowls, lamps and a host of small items.

Tom also focuses on the turning of non-wood materials such as acrylics, plastics and more exotic items such as deer antler. 

Gloria Puskar is the pretty lady manning the craft show booth and helping with the demonstration and sales of Pops' items.  As the first person who usually tries the items, she has experience with most of the products Pops makes.

Sonny B:  Meet Sonny B (Sonny for short).  He's a Chow/Golden Retreiver mix (so the Rescue people said) and is about 8 years old.  He serves as our mascot, Director of Securiy and as you'll note later, our Order processor. 

His major role, however, is to help clean the basement shop by laying in the sawdust and bringing it up into the family room!