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Household Items

We make a variety of items designed for use around the house.  Many are "kitchen" items but also include lamps, vases, bowls and a rather unique collection of Ikebana style vases.

Bread/Bagel Knives:  These Knives are available in three formats: Standard (made from a single wood species), Laminated (the frame is made from a single species but the handle is created by laminating a number of different species together) and Turned 9the frame is made from a single species but the handle is composed of a second species and turned on a lather for a more comfortable fit.)  Typical species used for the frame include: oak, cherry, maple, padauk, tulip wood and mahogany.  Typical species used for both laminated and turned handles include all of the aboveand purple heart, cocobolo, zebra wood, yellow heart and canarywood.  Others may be availabe from time to time.  The blades are serrated stainless steel and last for many years.  These knives are NOT considered dishwasher safe and should be cleaned by hand washing with a mild dishwashing soap and drying immediately.

Cheese Trays:  Cheese trays consist of a solid hardwood platter approximately 10.5-11.5 inches in diameter with a ceramic disc/tile inserted.  The outer rim of the platter is recessed to hold crackers, chips etc.  Platters are made of either cherry, oak or walnut.  Discs vary and include NJ shore scenes, floral designs or solid colors.  Cheese knives and scrapers are available in matching woods.

Chip & Dip Trays and Bowls:  Chip and dip trays are similar tot the cheese boards except that the discs are smaller and recessed to allow for placement of dip bowls which are available in matching woods.  Chip trays are made of cherry, oak and walnut.  Bowls are made of a variety of wood species.

Hot Plates:  Like the chip trays and cheese boards, the hot plates are made of either cherry, walnut or oak and contain a ceramic or marble disc upon which hot pots, plates or bowls can be placed.  The discs vary from plain design to floral, seashore or fruit.  They are usually about 9 inches in diameter and are fitted with a handle of a complimentary or contrasting wood species.  The handles vary.

Salt & Pepper Grinders:  We make a number of salt and pepper grinder/mills in several designs and woods.  Woods range domestic species such as oak, cherry and maple to exotic species such as padauk, wenge, canarywood and purple heat to name a few.  Often two species are combined to make an interesting one-of-a-kind design.  Mills/grinders are made in three basic styles: the mini-grinder measuring about 3 inches in height and 2-5=3 inches in diameter; the "standard" mill with a height of about 4 inches and diameter of about 3 inches and finally the classic style with an antique style grinding mechanism and stands about 7 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.

Bowls and Platters:  These one-of-a-kind bowls are made from a variety of species including domestic and exotic woods.  Created to make best use of the particular wood blank, they may vary in size, shape and overall design.  All bowls and platters are finished with a minimum of two coats of Tung Oil Finish to enhance grain and figure followed by a minimum of three coats of a food safe bowl finish.  Finally, the bowls or platters are buffed with tripoli, white diamond and coated with carnuba wax,  This treatment provides a durable finish which should last for years.  Despite the extensive finishing, these bowls and platters should not be considered dishwasher safe and should be cleaned by wiping with a warm solution of dishwasher soap and dried.

Oil Lamps:  We make a variety of oil lamps, some of which double as candle holders.  These lamps vary in size from large hurricane style which will burn for hours to small table lamps which are designed for short term use.  The pictured lamps with glass shades can be used either with oil (in a small glass vial which is included) or with a votive or tea light candle.  Oil lamps are often preferred to candles or flashlights during electricity blackouts and can be used with various scented oils to create a pleasant atmosphere.  They SHOULD NOT be used with outdoor "Tiki Torch" style oils to prevent buildup of soot. 

Pot Pourri Bowls:  We make a variety of styles of pot pourri bowls for use with various aroma scents and mixtures.  They are available as open top vessels or with ceramic or pewter tops.

Ikebana Vases:  Ikebana, a Japanese style of floral arrangement, focuses on a single stem of a plant or flower with perhaps some accent stems, unlike Western styles of floral arrangements which often focus on a number of stems grouped together.  Our Ikebana vases are designed to complement the display of single stems and come in two major styles.  The first style is similar to a bowl in that it lies flat and includes a holder upon which the stems are impaled. The second style, often described as a "canteen" vase sits upright and includes a floral tube in which the stems are placed.  We strive to use unusual woods and burls so these are truly unique pieces.