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Pens and Related Desk Accessories.

We manufacture a wide variety of pen and desk accessories.  While wood is our basic construction material, we also provide items in various acrylics, plastics, Corian and deer antler.  The following represent routinely available styles and materials.  Contact us for any special requests.

Slimline Styles:  These are patterned after the popular Cross style and are thin and light weight.  They use standard Cross refills.  Materials include domestic and exotic woods, acrylics, Corian, manufactured woods such as Colorply and Dymondwood and deer antler.

Classic American:  These are thicker in diameter than the slimline styles and are patterned after the Parker style.  They use standard Parker refills and are available as ball point pens, pencils, roller ball and fountain pens.  Letter openers and magnifying glasses are available to compose complete desk sets.

European:  Like the Classic American styles, these are thicker in diameter and patterned after the Mont Blanc style.  Refills vary and may be either Cross or Parker style.  Letter openers and magnifying glasses are also available.

Sportsman Pens:  This collection of pens includes those made from 30 caliber cartridges and 50 caliber cartridges as well as special "bolt action" pens.  They include both "click" styles and "twist" styles and are made from a variety of materials including exotic woods, camouflage acrylics and deer antler.  Designed for the hunter and outdoorsman, these pens are truly unique.

Added in 2013 was a collection of pens and key chains made of authentic, once-fired 30-06 or 308 shell casing.  Also added were 30 caliber magnum, 40-70 and 223 caliber products.  WE have since added a complete line of pens and accessories made from 50 caliber shells casings.  These include pans, letter openers, magnifying glasses and bottle openers. 

Deer Antler Pens:  This collection includes a wide variety of styles of pens, pencils and related items as described in previous sections, and are all made from deer antler.  Antlers are obtained from farms and are shed antlers.  No deer are sacrificed to make these items.Sure to please the outdoorsman/hunter they too are truly unique.

Specialty Pens and Desk Accessories:  We make a wide selection of specialty pens that are truly special.    They include but may not be limited to: 

Styluses: Also added recently was an expanded collection of styluses for use with iPads, iPhones, tablets Androids and similar electronic devices.  Current styles include Gatsby/Sienna/Sierrs, Slimline and Stubby.  Mini-styluses which plug into the earphone jack of these devices were introduced and recently mini-pen styluses were added. 

Accessories include letter openers and magnifying glasses. Styles complement the pen styles listed above.  Materials include domestic and exotic woods as well as acrylics and deer antler.